239 as he likes to be called lives under many Personas such as Charlo and Batman etc. 239 Would make an importance as he assists Agent Washington and sacrifices a fleet to save the Mother of Invention II. He holds the temporary of a Staff Seargent. He would later be driven insane due to sigma "Splitting" his personallity. Due to Delaware taking his time helping me out. He would spend about a couple hours in the Void Where time moves a lot faster. He would witness Tex stepping up then later step down when Leonard died. 239 has lived through events others died through. For example falling into atmosphere in a burning frigate and a huge explosion. He would then be teared apart by an unknown creature to then become a ghost. He becomes Agent Washingtons AI and follow him through hell to confuse Saten the demon carpet. To find out he "Screwed" a girl then her sister. Which I frown on. Three split personalites one of reason, One of insanity, and one of Vengeance

In the stage of Metastability, The holy grail of A.Is

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